Jackson Bloch’s Bird Photography

Jackson Bloch, who is researching Yellow Warblers on Kent Island, also happens to be an amazing photographer. With a birder’s sharp eyes and an artist’s sensibility, Bloch captures the life of his subjects in way that I never could.

Jackson Bloch's Bird Photography

A common yellow-throat, whose call (“wichetee-wichetee-wichetee-wich”) was the first one that I learned. Listen to the common yellow throat here


Herring Gulls are a familiar sight on Kent Island, especially from this point of view, mid-dive-bomb. I have had many close encounters with the birds, who will hit you with their wings, feet, or feces if they think you are threatening their nests.


Can you spot the bird in this picture? The Blackpoll Warbler is one of the many species that migrates through Kent Island in the summer.

cropped-csc_0349A close-up of a male Yellow Warbler with brilliant plumage. Jackson’s intimate portraits of the birds are one of the rewards of his hours of close observation.


Sunsets on Kent Island are a glorious sight, especially on West Beach, where this photograph was taken.

To see more of Jackson’s work and to learn more about the birds that he studies, visit his blog at http://jacksonblochkentisland.wordpress.com



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