Other Great Kent Island Blogs

I’m not the only blogger on Kent Island this summer! In addition to Jackson Bloch, whose photographs I have used many times for my posts, Bowdoin students Hannah Baggs and Drew Villeneuve are keeping blogs of their experiences on Kent Island this summer. Their blogs provide valuable perspectives on research and life on the Island, as well as more beautiful photographs of its wonders.


Hannah Baggs is a fellow Artist in Residence who is creating educational resources for Maine classrooms, filming the diverse Kent Island ecology to illustrate concepts better than a biology textbook ever could. She is also following and interviewing scientists here to show kids how science works in the real world, and to encourage them to pursue it.


Hannah (Photo by Tracey Faber)

(Photo by Tracey Faber)


Drew Villeneuve , whose research I have written about, is studying fouling communities in the intertidal zone on Kent Island, and has some great photographs of our adventures as well as of wildlife.


Kent Islanders on Canada Day (photo by Drew Villeneuve)

Kent Islanders on Canada Day
(photo by Drew Villeneuve)


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